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The History of Jersey Village
Mr. Clark W. Henry originally owned the land that now comprises Jersey Village. Mr. Henry owned 1,236 acres on which he operated the F&M Dairy. The ranch was stocked with Jersey dairy cattle and at one time the dairy had one of the largest and best herd of Jersey cattle in the world. Mr. Henry also had an interesting show place on the land that is now public right-of-way between the east and west bound lanes of U.S. Highway 290. At this place the public was allowed to watch the milking of cows from behind glass doors; and a short distance away ice cream, made from the milk of those cows was sold. Mr. Henry also had the free pony rides for the children and live country western entertainment for the adults who came to buy ice cream. This was a very popular attraction with people who lived in Houston .

Because of poor health, Mr. Henry discontinued his dairy operation and shortly thereafter began to make plans for development of the land into a residential community. Mr. Henry and Mr. Leroy Kennedy were acquainted with each other through the Garden Oaks Baptist Church. From this friendship they became business partners and started the groundwork for the City of Jersey Village in February of 1954. Because of Mr. Henry’s success with Jersey cattle, it was decided to use this name for the new community.

In the very beginning, only five miles of streets were put in along with drainage, water, sewage, gas and lights. A few homes were built along Jersey Drive and the first family moved in the latter part of October 1954.

An election to incorporate Jersey Village into a city was held on April 16, 1956, and 58 votes were cast. All 58 votes were in favor of incorporating Jersey Village into a city so on that day the City of Jersey Village was officially born. Shortly thereafter, a city election was held and a mayor and five council members were elected.

Our former City Hall was given to the City as a gift from Mr. Leonard Rauch on July 6, 1972. The building had previously been used as a real estate office. It is currently being used to house the offices of the City’s Public Works and Fire Department. A bond issue passed in 1977 enabled the City to build a new City Hall, City Garage, Park Pavilion, and expand the existing Fire Department building.

In August, 1986, due to the growth of Jersey Village, the voters approved a Home Rule Charter for the City.

City Government Today
The City of Jersey Village is a home-rule City and operates under a Council-Manager form of government. The chief executive officer is the City Manager. The Council is the community’s legislative body and is composed of the Mayor and five elected Council Members. The Mayor and Council Members are elected for a term of two years, limited to four terms as Mayor, Council Member or a combination of Mayor/Council Member. The Council Members all have a vote in decisions related to City affairs. The Mayor may vote only in case of a tie vote by the council. The City Manager attends all Council meetings and provides advice on matters before Council but has no voice on actions taken. The City Manager is responsible to the City Council for the administration of all City affairs assigned to the manager by charter, ordinance or directive. In addition, the City Manager is charged with monitoring and directing the daily operations of the municipal organization and staff.

Council Meetings
Council meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium at the Civic Center at 16327 Lakeview. Agendas are posted 72 hours in advance of the meetings and are posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Government Center at 16327 Lakeview and also on the web site at

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